The Audi S6 V8 1e gen C4 is the car where it started for the RS6 I think. at the time this car came on the market it was the fastest station wagon Audi sold at that moment. The first models up top 1995 where also delivered with a 2.2 5 cylinder turbo engine that is also very popular under collectors

This video is al about the first generation Audi S6 V8 1e gen C4 
The C4 model range S6 is powered by a 4.2 ltr v8 producing 290HP and 400NM

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this company is specialist in Audi’s but also different german brands, but the most are ’80 and ’90 Audi’s

this Audi S6 V8 1e gen C4  is the first called s6 and came after the audi 100 s4 .
there where to engine avalible in the c4 s6 the 2,2 ltr 5 cilinder turbo with 230hp and 350hp and this v8 290hp and 400nm
this model is fitted with a automatic 4 speed and will get the car in arounr 7 sec from 0-100klm/h.
the manual 6 speed will do it in about 6 sec
this car has done more the 300k klm  but still is looking very good,
the interior is in very good condition also the driverseat is in 1 piece
als the outside is  in very nice OEM condition

this car is not a real racer but it is just a very comfortable station with a lot of room. if your looking for a car that is big with a lot of space and still can keep up with today’s car on the road this is really a car to look at. and don’t get me wrong it is not slow. this car is 22 years old at the time this video is made.

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