Corvette C4 convertible
This video is al about the Chevrolet Corvette C4
The Corvette C4 is powere by a small block iron V8 with aluminium heads. and 2 valve per cylinder. producing 250HP and 469NM

This car is for sale at “Jan Los & Leon Nuvelstijn”
this company is specialist in Audi’s but also different german brands, but the most are ’80 and ’90 Audi’s

4 Generation Corvette what a nice car.
big V8 good v8 sound. large car and a outstanding look
this is a 1990 car with 250HP and 569NM. so a lot of torque that will let the car drive very easy . it is maybe not the fastest car but don’t forget this model is over 30 years old. so it is still perfroming pretty good
also the convertable roof is very easy to use and can be place in a minute. it is not electrical and i think to is not a downside because something like a electrical roof has more change to break down.
if you wnat more info about this car just contact me

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