Mercedes S63 AMG this car is still more then it looks like. when you start it you know what is under the hood a big powerhouse. it is maybe a little to comfortable for the power it is putting on the oad because your Always driving to fast … really everywhere. 100kph is just looking like 50kph. and that sounds just cool

This video is al about the Mercedes S63 AMG W221
With a 5461cc Twin Turbo V8 producing 571HP and 900NM with the performance pack.

This car is for sale at Siers Automobile

here a link to the car

This car is a real joy to drive and how cool the M156 6.2 V8 is
this new twin turbo V8 with just under 5.5 ltr displacement is just much nicer to drive and sounds really good it is just so powerfull
in 2009 the transmission became a MCT and in 2011 the new engine came standard the power was 544hp @5250rpm 800nm @2000-4000rpm with the perfromance pack this car has now 571hp @ 5500rpm and 900NM @ 2250-3750RPM 0-100 is now 4.4 sec what is normally 4.5. this car has also the drivers package what put the speed limiter on 300kph instead of 250kph. on the option list was also added the carbon package and the 20″forged wheels. this with this option list is almost overload. it is so full of luxury. and this car is now only a 1/4 of the new price that is almost a steal for a car like this.

a thing that i like to mention is that this car has a direct injection fuel system that also gives the car a very good fuel economy on long distance driving it car easy get better then 10ltr on 100klm

of there any questions about this model just let me know