Audi 200 Turbo or 5000s is where it starts for audi’s big fast saloon this is the grandfather there 1e turbo of the luxury sedan!!

This video is al about the Audi 200 turbo or 5000s in the USA
this car is 170HP and 265NM

The Audi 200 Turbo or 5000s is for sale at “Jan Los & Leon Nuvelstijn”
this company is specialist in Audi’s but also different german brands, but the most are ’80 and ’90 or and Rare Audi’s

link to the car

This is the start of the big saloon cars with the big powerfull engine’s
at the time when this car came on the market it was one of the fastest in the range of big saloons
this car produced 170HP @ 5300RPM and 265NM @ 3300RPM

the audi 200 or 5000s is based on the audi 100 and is a luxury version of the audi 100. it came with different bumpers, headlamps more luxury seats and more electric options in the interior
for the turbo or 5T there was an engine upgrade from 136HP to 170 HP and 80NM profit with the turbo. due to this power increase the valve train was changed, also the compression ratio is lowered and better oil cooling added.

0-100kph is possible in 8.6 sec for the manual version and 9.6sec for the automatic version

this 1 gen 200 turbo is not a Quattro but a front wheel drive version
the benefit of this is that the cars weight is only 1260KG the C3 that came after this C2 is 300KG heavier due to quattro chassis

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Music by Andrew Applepie