i love this engine
when you open it it is a beauty

inside it looks al pretty good. besides there is used a lot of flex gasket where it is not needed at al is my opinion

the valve cover gasket on the passenger side was leaking.
why because there are to bolt where the thread was damaged and the bolts where loose .
so helicoils are needed there

the other leaks are the front top distribution covers.
the gaskets are hardend out. so are also changed out.

in between the V the breather pipe was in 10 pieces
what is a common problem. so will be change out
for a updated new version.

there where already the updated aluminium plates in between the heads and intake manifolds. so i can order new gaskets and O-rings.

in this 1993 engine normally is a plastis plate instead of a aluminium plate. so this is already been apart in the past

i also checked the chain stretch.
i got about 2 to 2.5 degree stretch. what is pretty low so i’m good
max stretch i could not find but a max would be around normally 12 to 14 degree stretch in most engine’s

i also ordered parts to get the engine together with new seals

the intake manifold and valve cover gaskets have so damaged paint and some aluminium corrosion under the paint so
i will remove the paint.
i think i will go with bare aluminium and not repaint the manifold and valve covers

also have a look at my youtube channel

or in the playlist of the v12 project

if there are any questions just ask


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