i got the M120 V12 on engine stand
and on a different way then most people are mounting the engine
ii got the engine mounted on the engine mount position
because i think this is the way to do it
when mount it on the belhousing side a 90cm 300kg engine is
with full weight on the bellhousing hanging.

i just got a bad feeling about this
and not just with this V12 but with any engine that is more the 4 cylinder line so also with a V8 i think this is the best solution

i jumpt a little in the process since last video
i got the engine and transmission removed and disconnected form each other

before that i removed the following parts
mid section exhaust and dowpipes
all hydraulic and oil cooling lines
radiator and connections
back plate of the engine
headlamps and trim panels, front bumper

so the next thing is now get the parts removed
to renew the gasket to get the engine oil leak free
but also renew the oil and filter
renew the crank case breather and connections
and check all vacuum connections if the are need or not

gaskets on the intake manifold needs renewed
valve cover gaskets, top front distribution cover gaskets left and right bank.
and center gasket over distribution chain gasket because im there
and maybe inspect the waterpump
but in the next video this will be looked and

if there are any questions just ask

for the playlist on youtube click here