transmission was next for my project

I got some things that i needed to check with the transmission.
I got a leaking connector.
I got a leaking PLIL parking lock connection on the transmission.
the seal is leaking.
I suspect that also the pan gasket is leaking.

This transmission i bought with 60K klm on it .
The oil and internals are showing this .
This is oem a 722.621 gearbox that is the only number
That will fit with this bellhousing to the M120 V12 engine

I noticed that this gearbox was missing a magnet in the pan, 
early models where delivered without a magnet. i put a new 1 in
als the conductor plate was in good condition but also early models had no solenoide covers.
i also split the valve body to inspect the internals channels. the where pretty clean.

i’m going to use a OFGEAR gearbox controller.
this is a standalone controller .
the gearbox has oem a little issue with shifting from 3 to 4 gear and will create extra slip when it will not lower the torque level.
OEM this is controlled by the engine ECU communicating with the gearbox TCU.

i drilled the 3 to 4 flare bigger to 4 mm just like on the ofgear website. this inlcede a little software change will solve the problem
and will make the shift also under full load better then without this modification.

for extra info or a manual from a 722.6 visit the link below
ATSG gearbox manual

if there are any questions just ask



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