Making an engine wiring harness for the W201 V12  that is where this episode is al about
I started at the back of the engine to wire up the sensor that i can not reach when the engine is in the car
and check the signals of the crank sensors. which are also hard to get to

The 2 knock sensors in V of the engine are impossible to reach when the engine is in the car
The cranks sensors are possible but hard

I will have 3 seperate wiring looms for the engine and there attached parts

  1.  on the back of the engine for the TPS, Knock, IAT sensors
  2.  on the front for the injection, Cam adjustment, CLT, Ignition 1-6,
  3.  on the driverside for the Oil pressure, ignition 7-12, gearbox cooler, 2 coolant coolers,

all 3 looms will go in the car on the passenger side behind the glove box
the Ecu in using is VEMS this is placed withe fuse and relay box in the footwell

Placed the engine to the transmission . but i got to the point that i found out i had the wrong flywheel
I need a 60-2 flywheel but mine had only 3 pickup point.
All the time i thought i had the good one but never looked for it
but with 2 days i had a go0d one.  not from a V12 but from a m119 V8 what is not an issue because
it needs to be calibrated anyway

Engine and gearbox are in the car.  im about 80%  with the wiring at this point so im getting there bit by bit

If there are any questions just ask