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my to do list from last video is all done the V12 project is getting to point where i can start the car 

Startmotor start solenoide wiring installed
Needed to re wire it because it was to short
Also rooted now into the car and outside at the passenger side
foor well

also the horn’s are placed now under the passenger side headlamp
oem placement is in front of the radiator but there is no room
Oem cable lenght was long enough so easy fix

Got the oil pressure sensor in place the will give me a full reading in the VEMS ecu i will use this until the car is in fully running condition and remapped . When this is stable order i wll put the
OEm S600 pressure sensor back inplace that will work with y dashboard like oem so that all the dials are working again.
Also the wiring for this sensor is in place with a Ground cable to the chassis so i don’t have a ground failure that i had with the 190e sensor that only uses a chassis ground

Cooling water temp for the dash is also in place this is the OEM wire. I only placed wire protection cover

Place the OEm wire of the sump level sensor
this will also work with the dashboard

so next video will be about the VEMS software

thanks for watching