Mercedes 190 V12 100-200 kph Timing on Autobahn !!

This is what a lot of people also want to know. How fast is this car.   for me personally it is less important because for me this is a
statement build. I want to show what i could do in my garage. And this engine swap was always seen as impossible and could not be succesfull.
I think i have proven that point because it is really good

So i search for a nice piece of open road on the autobahn.  there was a lot of side wind what was affecting the stability of the car but not to mcuh to worry about.  I think i will make a custom splitter on the front of the car to make it more stable above 200kph
I did about 3-4 runs .  i filmed 2 of them.

The first on was in S mode and in manual.  Shifting back from 5 to 2 gear.  And then just floor it.  And this car is really fast on response. it is like a rocket how fast it will resond in 2 and 3 gear .

80-120 kph  2.00 sec  and 30mtr distance o yeah!!!
100-150 kph 4.00 sec and 153mtr distance
100-200 kph 11.00 sec and 513mtr distance

The  second run was in S mode and in automatic mode.  shifting back from 5 to 4 to 3 gear. And then Floor it. You could see how long the gearing is and starting in 3 gear loosing a little bit on th 80 to 120 time but still very nice pul from about 100kph in 3e gear

80-120 kph 2.99 sec and 67mtr distance
100-150kph 4.01 sec and 146mtr distance
100-200kph 11.00 sec and 496mtr distance

I think these results are very nice  this car is 1440kg ready to drive without a passenger with 424HP and 585NM  timing 100-200KPH in 11 sec is a good result and suited  to this combination if you look to other car.  i think with less with and maybe a little earlier shifting before redline i could get it to 10,5 sec maybe 10 sec   if this car had shorter gears it would be seconds faster.  if this car get a remap on higer octane fuel it would raise the torque about 50 nm and will get easy to 10sec i think.  But in this setting the car is best to drive. I think  so im happy with the results

If there are any questions just ask

look for the complete project in the playlist on youtube or here on the website 

Johan Muter

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