Mercedes 190 V12 0-100kph timing + sound clips

So i thought i have a try getting the car as fast as possible to 100kph
just like the last video i have done some runs
From standstill acceleration is not so easy with this amount of torque. The outside temp was about 5 degree so but it was dry

I get still wheelspin in 2e gear at about 60klm but my fastest time was 5.17 sec to 100kph what i think is pretty good.
In the summer when the tarmac has a higher temp and works better with my summer tires i wll have another try i think i should be possible to get it under 5 sec.  But  5.17sec is still pretty good i think and for me it is not reaaly a point because it is not a dragracecar.
100-200kph is more important.

i also did come sound clips with the car and it sounds pretty good to me i think

If there are any questions just ask

look for the complete project in the playlist on youtube or here on the website 

Johan Muter

JMSpeedshop !