Mercedes 560 SEC

What a beauty. Not only in looks but also in engineering.  Nice Cruiser. But still fast

Mercedes 560 SEC is build from 1985-1991. Mercedes W126 SEC is Build from 1980 -1991.  In 1985 there was a facelift model and also a change in the engine’s that where availible. Berfore the facelift there where a 3.8 and a 5.0 V8 availible. After the facelift a 4.2 5.0 and the 5.6.  This 5.6 is a stroked 5.0 engine so the crankshaft is different. In the W126 SEC models there was no 6 inline or diesel engine availible.

The V8 in the W126 has a long live. It’s life starts When the 3.5 M116 was change to 4.5 in 1969 and this was the first M117. At this point it was still a iron engine block.  Up till 1978 this was the only M117 engine on the Market. This engine is used in the R107 and the W116.  In 1979 the W126 came on the market with the new Alusil 3.8 and 5.0 engine.

All the W126 cars where delivered with 279mm brakes in the back and 300mm brakes in the front. Front and rear where 2 pot calipers.  When looking to the 560 model. This model is  almost always deliverd in full options. like leather and a full electrical interior.  with aircondition and sliding roof.

For the engine is a M117 is a Alu sil engine blocke that is meaning that about 20% of the block is silicium. With a special honing process this honed to the right size with special paste. This is removing the aluminum from in between the silicum this is giving a mat looking finishing. This is much different then a steel liner. A alusil liner is very hard and can last very look but needs regular oil change to keep the engine healthy.  The engine is a SOHC engine with 2 valves per cylinder engine code is M117.968. exact capacity is 5547cc

Fuel system that is use is KE-jectronic Bosche fuel system. This engine came in 3 version ECE, RUF and KAT.  ECE is a EUropean version with no emission regulations and was avalible from 1985-1987  this was a high output version with 299HP and 455NM. RUF version is a version that can be build back to a KAT version if need from 1985-1987 this had 270HP and 430NM. The models after 1987 where high output version with 299HP and 455NM. The KAT version had from 1985-1987 242HP and 390NM.After 1987 the car had 279HP and 430NM

In the US,AUS and Japan, all version where low output KAT version with 242HP and 430NM.  All lower output version Lower then 279hp had a compression ratio of 1:9. From of 279HP and up the engine had a 1:10 compression ratio. on KAT version also Knock sensor where on the engine

Mercedes 560 SEC has a 722.3 4 speed automatic transmission with code .323 and .350  the .350 was and updated version of the .323 . 0-100kph is possible between 7.6 and 6.9 sec . Depends on the model and weight.  Weight of the car is in between 1750KG and 1820KG

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