So. This Leder interior is originl from a 1987 Mercedes 2.3 16v this is a sportline interior with 2 bucket seats in the back. This interior been to some stage’s in it’s live. It was original a full black interior .

This interior has been change to part red leather. This has been done with red leather so not painted over. The foam in the seats is pretty good.┬á And still very comfortable. I’m going to change the color back to original because i think it will suits the car better.

I’m going to use the products of Colourlock. there a 2 ways of repainting leather. With spray paint or with leather fresh. Leather fresh needs to be applied with a sponge. But for a color change it is better to use the spray method.

So the process is as following Clean and degrease the leater Sand down the rough spots and the complete leather to make a better surface. This for the paint to hold on and make contact.
Also at this stage you can repair damaged spots and cranks with gel.
After sanding remove all the dust and make sure it is clean filter the paint if your using a small paintgun.
I used a 1.3mm but prefered by colourlock is more lik a 0,8mm at a smaller opening there is a change you get so dirt in the paintgun.

I did not filter the paint and had no problems. Paint the first coating a thin layer to make it stick.
Blow dry the layer Paint another filling layer and blow dry again Make sure you get no dripping in the paint.
The are hard to remove. You can ad another layer to make sure you covered everything. But the best thing to understand with painting leather “less is more”

After the last layer blow drying. Leave the paint for at least 4 hrs Now you can check if you got imperfections and sand down the complete leather with the soft pad 3000-4000 grid to make the leather nice and flat and create a got contact ground for the Top Coat. The topcoat need to be ad 1% vernetzer (hardener).
The amount of topcoat you create needs to be use in the next 4 hrs. I use for my interior about 500ml.

I prep. 200ml per time. So top coat will spare on much easier then paint. So be carefull to not use to much on 1 spot. You can see in the video how fast i’m done with a layer of top coat The spray and dry process is the same as for the paint layer. After 24-48 hrs try with a wet towel if the paint is giving of to the towel.
If this is the case your topcoat layer is not closing of the paint layer and you need t ad another layer of top coat.

When your done you can ad after 48hrs can ad verzegelung layer. This is like the same as a top coat and gives extra protections. After 7 days you can ad protector. This is a conditioner. It can be possible that you need to use more then 1 to make the leather happy again. I think for my leather i need at least 3 protections conditioner layers to get the leather nice a smooth and alive again.

So thanks for watching and if there are any questions just ask you can find the products i use on or