The W201 door & window mechanism can be a pain in the ass.

If it is not your everyday job to dismantle a car like this. This can be a very difficult and time consuming job.  My door internals where removed because of a full paint job of the car.

So after the paintjob everything needed to go back into the doors.  This can only be done 1 way. So in this video i’m showing how to rebuild the doors again.  And the opposite way is offcourse when you want to dismantled the doors.

Keep in mind to make pictures in between dismantling  for small details.  This will aways help to get everything put the correct and fast way.  My opinion is that the rear doors are much easier then the fronts.  The front doors just have less space to move the parts around in also the window mechanism needs more adjustment to get correct sliding of the window

If there are any questions about this subject or others just ask


Regards, Johan