W201 sunroof removal & placement. This can be a hard job to do if you don’t now where to start. For me this was the same thing. To start this is a mechanical sunroof and my car is from 1984. So it can be different in other models and years. Can also be much different then the electrical sunroof.

My sunroof can not Be tilted up in the back like the electrical sunroofs. So this is a very simple design and not much can go wrong.  Reson that my roof panel is removed is because the car is painted. and the seals were all bad and needed to be changed after 36years. The filt seals on both sides of the roof where in very bad condition. The where falling apart.  Also the seals are the most expensive. With a Price of  €91,- ex vat a piece and you need 2 of them.  This is a W108 number and you also need to cut them to the right lenght.

The W201 sunroof removal is pretty easy.  1. Inside car remove put the roof to about 50% opening. the remove the handle and cover. 2. pull the fabric cover down on the front. there are 4 or 5 clips holding it. 3. Push roof panel to full open en remove the fabric cover outside the car on the roof. 4 remove the 4 screws on each side in the stainless strip on top of the sliding rails.  5. Remove the strips. 6. pull the roof to closing position 95% now pick up the front of the panel. pull it up and slide the back of the panel forward will lifting it. 7. remove it from the car.  That’s it !!!!

To place the new seal follow the instruction in the video.  Only important thing is to keep in mind  place all the new seals and screw in all the screws before placing back the roof on the same way you have removed it.  Because the last screw in the plastic sliding guide is not possible to reach when the roof is in the car.

For the complete project playlist of the 190 V12 build click here

So if there are any questions about W201 sunroof removal & placement