Mercedes S55 AMG Kompressor

The W220 model range had 2 55 amg cars. Up to the end of 2002 the the 55 engine was NA. After this the engine had a IHI kompressor giving 0.8 bar or 11.6 psi of boost.

This engine was also installed in the E55, SL55 and the CL55 AMG. A modified version of this engine is used in the Mercedes SLR.

The W220 S-klasse is build from 2002-2005  engine where availible from 3,2ltr V6 up to 6.0 V12 S65 AMG top  version. Alsp the Maybach 57, 57S, 62 and 62S is based on the W220 S-klasse.

The M113 engine is the base to the S55 AMG.  normally the capacity is 4.3 or 5.0ltr engine capacity the stroked version is the 5.5 or 5439cc stroked version.  so the bore is the same as in the 5.0 but has a different crankshaft. The cilinder block is reinforced. The engine has a lower CR from 9:1 also the Rev limit is raised from 5600 to 6100 rpm by adding double valve springs. The fuel system is modified for extra fuel injection.

Power delivery is 500HP and 700NM  with more the 500NM from 2800 – 4500rpm

0-100KPH is possible in 4.8sec. the NA version did it in 6.0 sec

The Mercedes S55 AMG Kompressor W220 version have ABC suspension standard just like all the C215 CL and the R230 SL  cars. The ABC suspension is a high pressure Hydraulic suspension system controlled by 13 sensors in the car. with a push on the button the sport suspension can be activated and harden out the suspension and reduce the body roll . also between 60-160kph it will lower the car the improve aerodynamics and reduce fuel consumption

i also did a review a few years ago on a NA s55 AMG model the video is here  Mercedes S55 AMG NA 

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