W201 V12 The New Look !!!!

The W201 V12 is about 98% done. I have to do some small bit’s. Like logo’s and enginebay paneling.  Wiring and some interior bit’s.  I did also the first testdrive with the my family after the re-assembling.  It drive’s very good.  And with some weight in the rear seat the car has alot of grip!!

The W201 V12 The New Look  is painted in the 199 blue/black color with the faceliftpaneling in 7700 altro grey.   Im very happy with the result and this color combination. It looks just fantastic i think. Also the wheels looking much better under the car i think.

I will change 1 thing in the look. There rear suspension needs to go a little bit up.  I order stiffer springs because my shock absorbers are maxed out. This will need to be mounted after i got the parts in house. I will raise the car about 5 to 10mm  because of the wheels are wide and match the outside of the wheelarch. When going to a pothole are bad road surface the wheel can hit the new painted fender.  I just don’t want that.

The next few weeks i will make the car 100% ready and will do so driving video’s with the car.  I also have to do some fine tuning adjustments to the gearbox controls.  when going of throttle the gearbox is shifting up to hard . also the first 30% throttle positions can be softer making the car. even more nice to drive at low speeds and throttle positions

I your like to see more about this project.  look to the complete playlist here on the website 

Or follow this link to the project playlist on YouTube

If there are any questions just ask