M113 V8 intake manifold turning 180°

So why. turn the manifold . Because if makes a shorter routing on the intake piping. Also the space behind the engine is not enough to have a nice clear routing and the piping would not look nice running all over the engine. It is just not how i want it.

The removal of the manifold is pretty easy just 10 bolts and some hoses. the egr on the back needs to be removed. that’s it.

when turning the manifold. there need to be 3 holes to be covered. from the EGR system. i need to find a solution for this . Also the lifting point on the front of the engine needs to be removed. And the throttle body needs to be placed different because it will not fit. The manifold is 23mm lower then the top of the distribution cover.

So im thinking of a space plate that wil also cover the holes directly maybe 10mm or so. This will be for the next video

if there any questions just ask

also have a look in the playlist of this project https://jmspeedshop.com/category/jms-project-builds/s124v8turbo/