Barnfinds !!! Mercedes W126 W124 collection!!! and much more !!

So  where to start on this what i think is very special.  At first im not going to release the location or other info. And the introduction and end clip are very quiet.  the camera failed. sorry about that .

This is a private owned collection of cars . The most in between 1980 – 1995.  There are also some big caddilacs. And big mercedesses like 613 and 608.

How did i found this guy.  He found me. i had some parts for sale and when he picked it up. We had a very easy conversation and i visit him because i needed also some parts this is how i got to meet this very friendly guy.

He let me film his collection. And these cars get more rare every day.  So enjoy the video

MUSIC: Maxzwell – Ready ,  Maxzwell – Love, Jeff Kaale – Pillow talk