S124 front suspension is working!

The car is going up and down and is holding pressure.  So i don’t have any leaks internal through the level valve. Also no external leaks on coupling or so.  Pumping up the car is now through the old hydraulic pomp controlled with a drill bit.

I have filled the shocks with oil in lowest postion before connecting the lines.  Also blead out the system. up to the shock connection.  When i did this i was already 2.5 ltrs in before i filled up both side’s what i think is a lot.

Also the suspension feels rock hard.  I suspect that both sides the spring accumulator is not holding any nitrogen pressure any more. This also because when i turn the pump the car raising directly.  normally you would expect some pressure build up in the spring accumulators.  because the hold 23 bars.

The spring accumulators where also 2 that i had laying around.  and are not new and i did not now the condition at all. I also tested the 2 flow reducers valves.  If i close these complete the cars feels the same in the front also rock hard.

My custom adapters in the top connection of the shock absorbers also fit correct and don’t have any leaks.

So what is next?  i have to see if there are some things i need to fix before the engine will go out of the car and i can fix the engine bay.  do some rust repairs and paint the engine bay.  Also the engine needs to be cleaned and a partly rebuild.  transmission needs check and valve body clean. So this is a very nice point in the build process

If there are any questions  just ask