The S124 V8 Turbo 3″ MagnaFlow Exhaust  is done

Exhaust from of the turbo is a full 3″ 76mm exhaust..  i have used 2 muffleres from Magnaflow.  Middle muffler is a 4″X 9″ Oval X 14″ lenght .  Magnaflow part numbers is 11219.  The End muffler is a 5″X 11″Oval X 22″lenght.  Magnaflow partnumber is 12589.

The exhaust has a support on the oem connection on the transmission just behind the sump.  There will be another hang on point just before the rear axle.  and there are 2 in place on the rear end muffler.   For now i don’t have a flex piece in the exhaust.  The engine block is on urethane mounts so will not move a lot.  I will decide later what i will do.  but for now i leave it like this.

I can dismantle the exhaust behind the turbo in 3 pieces.   End piece from behind the mid muffler.  Middle piece from half way the downpipe to behind the mid muffler.  and the downpipe from of the turbo and the wastegate down.

Also have a look in the full playlist off this build on Youtube    Or the full build on

If there are any questions just ask