The Nissan Patrol Barra G42 1000HP First start

This is project buidl by Speedshop Ter Stege. This company is a specialist in Turbo’s and hybrid turbo building. But the also do projects like this Barratrol. This car is build for them self.  Goal is around 1000HP and just see where the limit is.  It is a sleeper, Offroad, Dragcar and just for fun.

Here in europe is a Ford Barra engine pretty rare. Because the were never delivered from factory. It’s a Australian Market suplied engine for trucks mainly.  And very easy to find there.   So this Swap is more common there.  Also in the USA the barra engine is little more known.  But here in europe an The Netherlands it is just rare.

The Base is a 2000 Y61 Nissan Patrol.  The engine is a Forde Barra FG engine. this is standard the best head porting and cams to start with

This engine is build here is a parts list
CP Pistons
Noname Rods
Crow springs and retainers
Stainless exhaust valves
upgraded oil pump gears
Ross vibration damper on the crankshaft
Standard cams with light headporting
Girdle Main studs and headbolts
Engine base is a NA 4.0 FG engine
Turbo is a Pulsar 7975G AKA G42-1450 dual ball bearing turbo
Ecu is MAXX ecu Race

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