The Mercedes SL63 AMG P30 R231

This i think the most powerfull car i drove that can put the power down on the street.  This 900NM V8 bi-turbo.  has almost no wheels above 50km. And When it is in gear and it will put all the torque on the rear axle alone.  It moves!!

This R231 is build from 2012 up to 2020.  this 2013 car is before the facelift and the power upgrade.  So from factory this SL63 came with 537HP and 800NM. But with the perfromance pack you got 27HP more and 100nm more. so final output is 564HP and 900NM.

Included in the P30 pack is power upgrade.  also LSD 40% diff. carbon rear wing . Carbon engine cover. Alcantara/nappa steeringwheel. AMG drivers-pack that also raised the speedlimit from 250 to 300kph. also Red painted calipers

After 2014 there is a facelift of the R231 also the power is increased to 585HP and 900NM.  I could not find this info but the P30 package would not incl a power upgrade after 2014 i think.

The beautifull color on this car is a designo color. called diamond white code 799.  With the black wheels and carbon trimming  this is really standing out on the car.

The engine is a M157 V8 bi-turbo that is based on the M278 (4.7ltr) .  This M157 is a alusil opendeck block with DOHC and VVT on the intake and exhaust. Capacity is 5461cc and it is direct injected. Fuel pressure range is 100 – 200 bar. compression ratio is 1:10.  0-100kph is possible in 4.3sec with the P30 pack it is 4.2 sec

Brakes are 390mm front and 360mm rear for the steel standard setup, optional ceremic is 402mm front and 360mm rear

Weight is 1745KG with a 75L fuel tank.  Boot space is 364L up to 504L  depends on if the roof is down or up

Suspensions is ABC just like the R230

This car is for sale at Henk grooten.  have a look on his website

Also have a look in the AMG playlist   

If there are any questions just ask