The Mercedes A124

Mercedes E320 Cabrio.  This car came on the market in 1992 and is the longest produced 124 model in the range. The W124 is for me the best mercedes ever build. The quality is just very high. But also the driving experience is still better the a lot of new cars. The way a 124 model handles is just so good and this 1993 car is almost 30 years old.

The A124 models cam in 1992 with 1 engine option the 3.0 24V m104 engine. In 06-1993 this change to a 3.2 24v 6 cylinder because of lower emission and engine sound. the 3.2 could deliver the power at lower rpm’s

Next to the 3.2 there where also 4 cyl version the 2.2 and the 2.0  with 150 and 136 hp

The 3.2 delivers 220hp @ 5500rpm and 310nm @ 3750rpm  the car had a top speed 230kph and 0-100kph is possible in 8.3 sec.

The carbio is based on the coupe.   The loose 28kg  on the steel roof but adding 130kg to support the chassis.  and another 43kg for the roof. so the end result is around 1700kg depends on if it is manual or automatic .

the boot is also a little smaller.  This came to 300ltr. what is 180ltr less then the coupe

in totals the carbio is 33952 times build with a extra not official 68    3.6 amg cars

This car is for sale @  have look for more info and pricing

if there are any questions just ask

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