Wiring loom removed engine bay painted S124 V8 turbo

This was a pretty time consuming job.  Getting the wiring loom removed from the engine bay and collect info about all the plugs.  document and label everything is very important because after a few weeks you wll not remember everything. there is about 50% of the loom that i can delete because it is for the old engine controls and ecu.

Before i will build everything back i will remove everything up till the fuse box so there will be no confusion about loose wiring in the future.

the fuse box is removed and the holders for the relais and fuses are inserted in to the car trough wiring loom hole back in the car. I also removed all vacuum lines and the the brake booster.  to my surprise  only found dirt and no rusty places like on the wheel wells.  You would think that dirt is staying wet longer and will create corossion spots but nothing to see.

Everything is cleaned up and sanded down with scotchs bright.  everything is masked of and covered what was nog needed to be painted. also the hood is removed for better access,  The hood is also painted on the inside .  The engine bay is painted above the subframe so every in the engine bay is black.  this is a easy color and will match every exterior color in the future..  black is also easy to maintain and repair if there will be some damaged to the paint in the future.

if there are any questions just ask

if there are any questions just ask.  and have a look in the playlist .  https://youtube.com/jmspeedshop