S124 V8 rebuild chassis and engine bay after paint and coating

So after a little pause in the project with holiday’s and finishing the underbody coating and engine bay paint. It is hands on to build everything back for the last time.  So front suspension is back in incl brakes and wheels. Also brake lines and ABS sensors are in place. The shocks in the front need new protections covers.  The are on order.

The steering housing is mounted incl the connecting arm.  the wheels are alined as good as possible to this point.  I have also installed the hydraulics for the suspension in the front. incl new accumulators. and connected all the hardlines.

The rear axle is put back under the car incl the rear stabilizer.  But not the one i wanted because the thicker W210 model does not fit because of the mounting of the accumulators in the back.  so i mounted the oem one.

Rear brake lines are also in place.  now the last thing on modification is the rear bearing of the center shaft  this is because the center shaft is also from a W210 model.

When the rear hydraulics are in place i will start on the engine rebuild.