Best way to clean your pistons

This solution is pretty easy and is very cheap in materials that need to be used.   Remove the piston from the rod.  Remove all the rings so it is easier to clean the rings and caps. Rub of the top and loose materials and carbon.

I’m using a brass brush and cleaning sponge.  Prevent rubbing to much on the skirt surface. Most of the time there is a coating layer on here that you don’t want to damage.

So get a cup or something that you can close of.   Where all the parts fit in.

The matrials using from this job is regular cleaning ammonia. That can be found in the supermarkets for around €1,- per ltr  this will hold max 5% of ammonia.   But be carefull this can still harm your so protect your sell and read the safety card on the bottle.

Put the piston and parts in the ammonia so everything is under the max fluid level.   leave it for 5 hrs and check the parts.  or just leave it for 10hrs or so.   you can get the carbon and other deposits very easy of the piston without hard rubbing

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