M113 crankshaft + rods + pistons removed S124 V8 Turbo

This are the last parts that need to be removed and also when removing these parts some important parts will show the wear. The full cylinder bore, the main bearings and conrod bearings can be inspected now.

The connecting rods are removed incl the pistons . The rod bolts are removed with the bearing cap. all the rod bearings are showing wear.  There is also some dirt and very fine lines in the journal that can be polished out.

The main caps are removed and the journals of the main bearings look much better and are not really showing any wear.  When pulling out the crankshaft.  I as a little surprised about the weight of it.  Is far out the most heavy part in the engine.

I’m now going to send of the crankshaft for rebalancing and also let the journals to be polished and measured.  So i have a clean starting point.


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