M113 Oil pump assembly internal cleaning

Im doing the rebuild of the engine and want to have a look in the oil pump.  To see the addition wear and condition of the pump. The pump is in 3 parts  with 2 gearhousings.   Hold together with 4 M6 bolts. The pump has no gaskets. It has a machined surface with the steel gears inside

The first gear section are the same outside diameter. But the height is a little less then the second stage.  The pump internals are not really having any wear only on 1 side of the gears the look like polished.  this is where the gear tooth are touching each other, and how the gears are turning each other

i cleaned everything and put it back together.  The bolts are put back on torque.   14,7 nm

for any questions just ask


M113 Oil pump assembly internal cleaning