HOW TO: M113 camshaft bearing bridge assembly

This is the last part of the engine i need to clean and inspect before everything can be assembled again. The camshaft bearing bridge is a part that needs to be handle with care.  Because it is a part that is machined to fit the head. So if it is damaged or the head is damaged it needs to be change out together.

In my engine i have option code: 479  ZAS  cylinder cut out system.  This means this system has more parts then the regular engine with this option. But the process is the same.  Difference is in the shafts that has an extra oil channel and the 4 sets of rockers are different. These can run in split mode.  so 1 part is still running with the cam and the other part is standing still when activated.   There is a seperate video of how this is working in detail.

Just make sure all the parts are clean and have no excess play or deep scratches. The hydraulic lifters or compensation elements is also in a seperate video.

If there are any questions just ask

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