HOW TO: Thermal Heat insulation (ceramic wool + stainless shield spot welding)

You always see the big tuners with very expensive high end car running these very cool looking insulated exhaust.  How do the do it and what is used.

We are all familiar with the shield bands that are put around the exhaust.  This is helping for sure.  But in the engine bay you want to keep as much heat in the exhaust as possible.  So i did some research because the end result also looked very cool and nice.

I used a material from a company in germany. called HJS.  THis company has dealers that will sell this product for them.  I bought a set with partnumber 83000027  This is 1m2 of ceramic wool 5mm and 1m2 of stainless hammerd shield of 0,1mm

The wool has a sticky side and can put on the exhaust and will stay on. works very good. After this the big puzzle begins to get the stainless sheets on the exhaust.

I have searched and got a mig welder.  and used this without a welding wire. So i can spot weld with the machine. The biggest problem is find the right settings and best way to weld it together without burning a hole in the sheets.  I started with the manifold  which where the hardest to do.  maybe not the best idea.  After this i did the connection pipe between left and right bank.  This was already much better. i think it is a learning process.  Earth connection to the material is very important.

if there are any question just ask