M113 V8 turbo Engine & transmission back in the car !!!

After the engien rebuild and the service of the transmission the driveline can be put back in the car.  Since the last long video i did some little mods to the engine

I made a oil return line for the turbo with with a connection on the old oil level sensor location. Also a bracket was missing from my steeringpump. This is also in place now.  The oil sensor location also needed some chances. Beacuse the sensor is to big that i using and would run in the multibelt in oem location.  I made a new plate for this.   Also i have test fitted the aircon pump.  This also needed a mounting point on the back to the engine mount.  This is al fixed now

Also started with the engine oil breather.   I have made 2 big connection on the top of each valve cover.  this will have a hose connection to the location behind the passenger front headlight. There will be a swirl pot with a connection in front of the turbo for vacuum.

The torque converter is also filled up with as much oil as possible.  Will be a bout 2 ltr i think.  this will help bleed out the air when filled up the transmission when running it for the first start up.

Engine and transmission are connected with 12x  M10 bolts  torque done according oem spec 39NM

The torque converter has 6 small M8 12.9 bolts to hold the converter down on the flywheel there need to be torque to 42nm accoring oem spec

The front wheel are removed again because i have to lower the car as much as possible to get the driveline over the edge into the enginebay. This driveline is pretty easy to fit in the w124 enginebay. This engine is much smaller the i am used to with the v12 in w201. There is just so much room

The engine has 2 engine mounts with a each a top and a bottom bolt to mount it on the chassis.  The transmission mount has 2 bolts to hold the mount on the transmission and 4 bolts to mount the transmission mount on the chassis

This is all fixed .  Driveline is now ready for the rest of the parts to be mounted.  And i have some space again in the garage.

If there are any questions just ask


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