New Mdash & SLS control panel & S124 V8 Turbo is street legal !!!!

Finally found some time to make an update video on the project. Last few weeks where pretty busy. But got some things done on the car. Also fixed the SLS hydraulic suspension. Got a new valve installed in the back and working again.  Also got a control panel installed on the position where normally the headlamp level adjustment is .  i have a led indication that will show the ride height. and can swith the power off and control the level with a potmeter.

I started on the dashboard and wanted to keep the cluster oem looking but needed a electronic speedo for this.  Best option was a W124 V8 speedo. but these are very rare in europe.  also a W126 speedo can made to fit.  i had 1 for a few years already but when installing it i found out it was already broken.  A second hand w126 cluster or good speed will go over 150€ and still have a chance it will not work correct.

there was an option to go for a W210 cluster but i could not get my hands on the canbus signals to get everything working.

So i installed a 10.32″ android screen from podofo.   it is the largest screen i can fit in the oem cluster housing. there is some room on the left and right side for blinker lights and other indication lights.  i will installed the later .

This android screen has more options then i need but maybe some of them will be usefull in the future.  But for now i will use it for the Maxx ecu Mdash app.

With this App i can read out all the infromation from maxx ecu but also control some if i want. i know the classic look will be not there from the dash. but im not willing to pay a few 100 euro’s for an already 30 years old gauge the maybe not working and with this app i will have much more info on the screen.

There is an option between 2 screens and also a diagnostic page so everything is very reachable.  for me for know this is just the best option.

Also very important. A week ago i got the car checked to get it road legal with my setup. And getting a new registration on it. This al done and makes this project worth it doing . all the years spending building it .  This payed off !!

Also the car is weight.  this came on 1660KG  this is with a full fuel tank.   i have moved the battery to the trunk behind the rear wheels so the balance is now 840kg on the rear axle and 820kg on the front .  this  means when i drive whe like 20ltrs out of the tank the car is perfect 50/50 ration.   the battery weight is 17kg so if i move this to the front i will have a less perfect balance .  so not sure yet want to do with battery in the end.

if there are any questions just ask