First testdrive & street mapping with DW techsolutions S124 V8 turbo

After alingment of the car the first real drive is complete,  DW techsolutions is a dealer of maxx ecu and also has a Hub dyno facility.  So Daniel is helping me with the street tuning and later this year i will do some dyno sessions.

Offcourse i want to do some mapping myself but learning this will take time.  And driving an mapping the car is not the best idea.  Also having experience people see more then me as a beginner.

At the moment i have the lowest spring pressure in the wasgate.  This is 3-6psi  0.2-0.4bar.  We tested the wastgate pressure and it works correct. The pressure running this was about 0.2bar max.

Daniel mapped the street low load driving in first.  after this we went up step by step.   we ended up doing 6psi and 0.4 bar up to 5000rpm. The engine is running pretty good and all the temps and pressure are responding good.

What i have seen and info i have and feeling the car i expect the car will have around 420hp and 550nm.  But we will see when we really get on the dyno.  and see if im correct.

Got some small issues found.   small wet place on the caliper banjo connection  it will ned 2 new copper rings..  Oil cooler connection needs a little more tightening.

Biggest issue is the real level valve from the hydraulic suspension has lost is center positions.  So if is going up or down in level and not keeping it’s positions anymore.   So this needs to be fixed.  When this is done i will get the appointment getting the engine swap street legal.

if there are any questions let me know