2001 BMW X5 4.6IS E53 Alpina Power  this is just a very cool SUV and the sound is really incredible. just much better  the Mercedes at that era. the look and in this color  and with the big wheels the car is complete. so read the review and watch the testdrive 

This video is al about The E53 BMW X5 4.6IS
this is special because it is a rare edition
this is a 4.6 is edition and this means stronger engine
the engine is build by ALPINA

this BMW X5 4.6IS E53 was for sale at JB-Over. this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars
this BMW X5 4.6IS E53 was sold just after making this video
here is a link to the website have alook for more nice cars

The BMW X5 4.6IS E53 is produced from 1999-2006
this edition the 4.6 is was only availible from 2002-2003
and is produced around 4000 times it was delivered 2881 times in the USA  total E53 X5 production was 616000 times so the 4.6 is edition is less the 1% of the total number
pretty rare!!!

after the 4.6is in 2004 the 4.8is came on the maked with pretty miuch the same powered output only 10nm more 490nm

the BMW X5 4.6IS E53is a bored and stroked version of the M62b44 4.4 v8
Alpina also change the camshafts and the engine internals where forged. it deliverd 347hp and 480nm/354ftlbs
the X5 weight is 2080kg and is still able to sprint from 0-100klm or 0-60mph in 6/6.5sec
i think very good for a car this size and weight
it was standard delivered on 20″wheels  stock 315 in the back and 275 in front. the car in the video got front and rear 315.
really very wide tyres and i don’t think it is necessary  this wide
this car produced a very nice engine sound that really suits the car

if your looking for a X5 and you want it to be a good investment this is the edition to get. Do your maintenance so that it will keep value .

personally i like these cars. a SUV is a perfect daily driving.
enough space, luxury, fast enough, good engine and sound, nice overview due to higher chassis.

if there are any questions just ask.

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