Audi UrQuattro 2.1 10V Turbo  1985 Audi UrQuattro 2.1 10V Turbo Review & Test & For sale JMSpeedshop ! there are for the first Quattro period of audi and really loved by collectors. the last years the prices are only going up so if you want one don’t wait because there are not only very nice to drive but also a good investment

This video is all about the Audi Quattro also called
the Audi UrQuattro. 2.1 10v turbo

This car is for sale at “Jan Los & Leon Nuvelstijn
this company is specialist in Audi’s but also different german brands, but the most ar ’80 and ’90 Audi’s

here is  link to the advertisement of the car

The Typ 85 audi Quattro is produced form 1980 up to 1991
from 1980 uot 1987 there was a 2.1 10v turbo engine under the hood producing 200HP and 285nm and with the Quattro 4wd system the car is accelerating from 0-100 klm in about 7.0 sec with a top speed of around 220klm this was really was in the ’80.
there are only 11542 audi quattro’s typ 85 build  in the 11 years of production so the car is pretty Rare!
this car is a 1985 original dutch car with a lot of options
the start price when new was about 1350000,- gulden or in these days 61000,-euro without extra options what was really expensive and it is very special that this car has also fully leder interior, digital dashboard, airconditioning , cruise control . also this car is delivered in the Rare color tizian red mettalic.
option prices
airconditioning  2850 gulden
electric windows  2450 gulden
cruise control  1450 gulden
leder interior  7740 gulden
mettalic paint  2190 gulden
ABS  3800 gulden

total 20480 gulden on options
so total price would be around 156000 gulden what is today in euro’s  70553,-euro

o yes and the digital dashboard was a standard option. so my fault about that

i really enjoyed driving this very collectable classic.
this is still these days a fast car with a awesome sound and a very good handling. You can really feel the car pulling when you accelerating out of corner and the 4wd system is pulling the car trough the corners.

5 cilinder turbo engine’s are just awesome !!!!

if there are any question please ask