Mercedes 600 SEL W140 complex engine controls. in this time there are just to much ecu to control the running cycle of the car I think. I’m just going for 1 ecu for the engine and skip the rest and there will be 1 ecu for the transmission

The M120 v12 is controlled by 4 ecu’s Mercedes 600 SEL W140 complex engine controls

2 engine control ecu’s for each cilinder bank  so you can seperate the engine in 2 3.0 6 cilinder engine when it is coming to the ignition and injection control
also the sensors are double

then there is a EGAS ECU that is controlling the electronic throttle body’s
there is a master and a slave throttle body and with the gas paddle 1 throttle body’s is controlled and the slave throttle body’s will follow.

then there is a ASR ECU the controlls the traction control and some other things but the the traction control is needed this will tell the EGAS to give less opening of the throttle body
also cruise control works on this way
i think it is to complex to use this and the parts in this system are to expensive if the fail
so i will have just 1 aftermarket ecu to control the engine
if there are any questions just ask

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