The 190 v12 engine and transmission are mounted everyintg is welded in and it is installed without any other support so know the mods to the rear of the car can strat got the full drivetrain connected to the back

So it took a little longer then i wanted but i got the engine and transmission both mounted
also the plate in between the engine and the water tray is modified
but when fitted know i need to make a little change the get enough play around the back side of the engine
next thing is the replace the steering box lower to get enough play under the sump
also i’m goging to look in to good sealing around the fresh welds and get the body coated on the places where i don’t need to weld anymore.

after this the next thing is the rear end.  the bigger diff from the s600 needs to be place and the bigger rear axles and brakes.

have alook in the playlist for more updates on youtube  look in the build page here on the website

if there are any question just ask