190 V12 . throttle cable. coolingpipe and wheelhubs overhauled
I Got the throttle cable installed and connected to the pedal assembly maybe the pedal controll needs to be a little modified when the carpets are in.
The Cooling pipe with pressure cap for the overpressure system is installed the line is connected to the underside of the radiator for the return water from the heater and the breather pipe from the radiator and thermostat. The connection to the heater and the heater control valve needs to be installed but i wil do this when the engine is out to get a better reach for it.
the inlet from the cylinderhead to the heater is installed .
so the back plate behind the engine fitted with 2 holes for the inlet water for the heater and the throttle cable

I also have overhauled the front and rear wheel hubs with all new parts. new wheel bearings and new back plates. als new handbrake internals
the rear syspension is now fully mounted and in place the only thing that needs to be installed is the diff and axles but this wil be done the the engine and transmission are going in for the last time.

next will be the oil and transmission oil lines under the car and the rust repair in the front wheel wells. after this i only need to build the full exhaust. then the engine bay needs a new paint job.
after this the wiring needs to be done and then i can drive

if there are any questions just ask

if you want to see more about this project have a look at the playlist on my YouTube channel

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