This VW Passat W8 B5.5 is more then you expect from a Passat that looks not really like and other Passat
it is just small things. Like chrome trimming and a dual 4 pipe exhaust system.
and the badges in front and rear on the car. Thing that will get your attention is the beautifull sound of this W8 engine

this Video is al about the VW Passat W8 with a
4.0 W8 275HP and 370 NM

this VW Passat W8 B5.5 was for sale at JB-Over. This company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars
here is a link to the website have a look for more nice cars

link to the car

The W8 is only sold in the facelift model of the B5 Passat that was for sale from 1998 -2005 the W8 is sold from 2001 -2004 total production of the W8 stopt at 11888 cars this includes the Variant and the Sedan. the Sedan is produced 7302 cars the rest is variant models.

The cars where delivered with a 4.0 W8 DOHC engine that is the half of a Buggati veyron engine.  this engine produced 275HP @ 6000RPM and 370NM @ 2750RPM it could be delivered with a automatic 5 speed or a manual 6 speed. all cars where permanent 4WD  with the 4 motion system and .  a 0-100Kph could be done in 7.8 sec for the automatic car and a manual 6 speed could do it in 6.5 sec.

The car handles very good the suspension is a little stiffer then you would suspect. but very good. The engine gives nice power and is having a very fast throtlle reaction overall this is just a very nice car to drive.  this car is not very know by the big public but is very good priced at the moment so could be a good investment for the future. becuase for VW production Numbers is RARE

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Music by Andrew Applepie