Porsche Cayenne Turbo A SUV from Porsche is different a i drove some 911’s and when you then step in a Cayenne turbo you don’t really know what to expect. the high quality from Porsche is there and also a lot of parts that look the same in a 911 so it feels like a really Porsche a it really has a fast sportive side. i like it !!!

this Video is al about the Porsche Cayenne Turbo
4.5ltr V8 450HP / 620 NM
Porsche Cayenne Turbo is for sale at JB-Over. this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars
here is a link to the website have a look for more nice cars

Porsche Cayenne Turbo link

what a nice car !
this is a perfect family car. a lot of space good interior
and very comfortable. and very important a lot of power
and this car is seriously fast for a 2355kg car.
it can accelerate in 5.6 sec to 100kph.
it has a 4.5 ltr v8 DOHC twin turbo engine
with 450HP @ 6000 RPM & 620NM @2250-5500rpm
the turbo spool is pretty fast. don’t forget this is a car from 15 years old. it has a 9.5:1 CR ratio what is high for a turbo car but it helps the turbo’s spool faster so the torque range is also very wide
boost pressure on the gauge is just under 0.8 bar
the turbo version where deliver with a pretty full package with standard leather and 4 zone climate control
fully adjustable electrical seats heated seats front and back and much more
the only thing is that it is delivered standard on 18″wheels what i think is small a 19″or 20″suits the car better just lik standard on the Turbo S version
but overall this is a nice car with a lot of room

if there are any questions just ask