Mercedes C55 AMG the step in AMG low running cost good priced and strong setup
so there can almost nothing go wrong with this car. if your in the market for a middle size family car with good performance numbers. a very nice engine, good sound. this car can do 5.2 sec to 100kph and a top speed over 250kph

this video is al about the Mercedes C55 AMG W203
5.4 ltr V8 367HP & 510NM

this car is for sale at this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars
here is a link to the website have a look for more nice cars

link to the car

The C-klasse with a V8 what a nice combination
this small light car with a powerfull V8 and still a full interior
for 5 people and a trunk
this car has a normal apsirated v8 so no turbo’s or compressors
this car came after the c32 what is a v6 kompressor and the v8 has about the same powerlevel and perfromance
this is in my opinion a better car because less parts that can go wrong. this engine transmission package was already 7 years in production when it came in the c55 so it is fully tested in several models .
So this is really a car with good performance with very low running cost for maintenance.
if your looking for a AMG this is the best second hand model to go for. also for higher mileage models. it is just a easy car. big displacement in a light car will give you much fun
this car is capable of doing 5.2 sec to 100klm and when there is no speed limiter on 250kph it will go over 280kph
what i really like about this models that the are full of luxury and comfort but still are not showing a lot on the outside .
it is not to much show.