Audi A8 W12 6.0 D2 isthe D2 is the first gen called the Audi A8 but the second car in the range of the big luxury sedan. the first car is the D1 and that is the Audi V8.

this W12 is pretty rare in the D2 version and is only build in 2001 and 2002 and sold between 650 and 750 cars. in the short and long wheelbase version.
this first gen W12 is producing 420HP and 550NM
my impression abuot the D2 is very good and the W12 engine is really nice and smooth. this car had done 240k klm and still it is a very nice driving car.
0-100kph could be possible in 5,6 sec with a weight of 1940KG
overall the W12 is pretty reliable. but with these cars with hig running cost for petrol and tyres and brakes sometimes people forget to maintancance like oil change’s and that sort of thing or just run out of money because the can just affort it .
so if you buy a car like this have a look under the bonnet and under the car if it is all dry and nice and if there is a history with the car.

if there is something that needs to be change in the engine bay it will be a pain in the ass to get to because it is very full in there
but it is a very nice driver. and for the money this is just the to level for and a real value for money

if there are any questions about this car just let me know

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