Porsche Cayenne Turbo 958 this is the perfect family car. alot of space, big trunk, nice view, easy to drive. and very fast when daddy want’s it to be

Porsche Cayenne Turbo 958
type 958 500HP @ 6000RPM 700NM @ 2250 – 4500RPM

This Porsche Cayenne Turbo 958 is  for sale at Siers Automobile

here a link to the car

when i looked at the spec’s of this 2e gen cayenne turbo
i was really suprised how good this car is compared to the 1e generation.
Porsche really thought about getting a better car that also is cheaper to drive without really changing the concept of the car
it is still the same space inside and even a little bigger
but it lost 290KG of weight compared to the 1e gen.
also the fuel economy improved alot
on highway speeds it is even possible to get less then 10ltr on 100klm
that is really good for a car with a weight over 2000kg.

the engine is a 4806cc v8 DOHC twin turbo
with in this gen direct injection and connected to a 8 speed automatic what in combination with the weight saving gives a very nice fuel economy.

this car is also 1 sec faster to 100kph it should be possible in 4.7sec
and for the 550HP 750NM turbo S model 4.5 sec

the car is full of luxury what your really need.
it can be a very comfortable but also feel like a sport car.
the handling is really impressive for a SUV but is what you expect from porsche.

so this car is on my future car bucket list

if there are any questions just ask