Volvo V70R 2e generation this car has really stance. this car is most original. only 19″ wheels and lowered the rest of the car is original and the looks!!

 the Volvo V70R 2003 with a
2.5ltr 5 cilinder turbo engine with 300HP and 350NM

this Volvo V70R was for sale at JB-Over. this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars

here is a link to the website have a look for more nice cars

link to the car

The 2e generation V70R is even better
still 4wd drive system more power even better chassis
also electronic controlled shock absorber system with 3 settings
which really is changing the ride quality from much comfort to very stiff. also it controls in the highest setting the throttle response gearbox shifting speed and the exhaust sound.

a Volvo V70R is pretty full from factory with full leather. and electric package
also xenon headlights and different body work .
also bigger brembo brakes and 18″wheels where standard.

overall this is a car that will fit a wide range of people.
this car is a automatic verision that can accelerate in 7.7 sec to 100klm a manual version that is much more rare can do it in 5.9 sec.
the R has a 2.5ltr 5 cilinder turbo engine with 300HP and 350NM
and for the manual version the torque is 400NM

if there are any questions about this car just ask

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