I did a lot work for 190 V12 last fitment.


i started out with the exhaust to get the muffler in center in the space and it is not touching the body.
also i gave the pipe under the sub-frame a little more ground clearance .

i also installed the rear bumper and made an opening for the tips on the muffler it is  2 times 2.5″ pipes and looks good and not to much show

i installed the headlamps, blinkers and the grill to have the front fitment checked and adjusted.
also tested the locking mechanism of the hood

the back plate behind the engine that is seperating the engine bay from the ventilator compartment is also installed and fitted, the cooling hose and throttle cable is fitted and connected.  i have to make some adjustment to the transmission dipstick pipe that is now touching the top of the plate so it needs to be shortened a little bit are move a bit to make sure it will not make contact

i got also shorter and softer springs for the front.
i went from a 180mm spring to a 160mm spring to give the wheels a little more clearance.

also got about 30% softer springs because the where so hard the car would no move at all.
in the front, front and back have now 10kg springs

so now i will make the engine stand ready for the engine.
so i can start with the overhaul of the gasket that are sweating oil.
and the distribution covers and top covers to make it nice and tide, also the transmission needs so new gaskets and filters

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