Getting the W201 V12 street legal  is a process that i need to go through
Here in holland the car registration is done by the RDW.
If you make a major change like i did with swapping an engine. You need to go back to the RDW to get this
registrated on the papers and approved  to get the car legal on the street.

At this point i need to go to 1 check . my front axle weight is 810kg  and on the registration this can be max 735kg.
So this needs to be approved and tested. this is drive test. There are version of the 190 that have a approved max weight of 835kg

But not on my car and it can not be copy paste.
If this last test is done i will get the new registration and it is done
After this i need to do the APK this is a yearly check for a car younger then 30 years  for my car this is every 2 years because it is an oldtimer

My car is also the in oldtimer roadtax registration so this means i pay less roadtax  but i can not drive the car in december, januari and februari.
so i can drive it from of 1 march after all the checks are complete.
I drove it now for about 500klm to  the test locations and back and it is perfroming good and is very comfortable.


have also a look on my youtube channel