Mercedes 190 V12 Engine & Transmission controls Explained 

So after some comments about ho my engine and transmission setup is running
I thought i make a video and explain what sensors i used and what control systems im using
and you will see it is much easier then most people think.
Less is more and you can have less problems

Im using a VEMS ecu  this a standalone ecu.
Im using the following sensor.  TPS, CLT, IAT, Cam adjust, Crank position, 2 lambda sensors, 12 injectors, 2 ignition coils
and thats is for the engine.

For the transmission im using a  TCU  this is product from ofgear in denmark for controlling the 722.6 transmission
in combination with the OEM 722.6 shifter for more info about this controller look at
The TCU needs to inputs a ABS sensor for the road speed and the TPS sensor for load calculation.
If you have turbo car you can als have the MAP input to control 50% of the load with that and the other 50% with TPS

If there are any questions just aks