The Mercedes SL600 V12 R230

The 3 generation V12 engine  in the R230 SL what also it the first gen with a steel cabrio roof.
R230 gen is produced from 2002-2012 and had 2 facelift models in 2006  and 2008.
in 2008 there where also different engine but the M275 engine stayed the same.
This engine is connected to a 5 speed automatic 722.6 transmission.
Power figure’s 500HP at 5000rpm ant from 1800-3600rpm 800nm.
M275 V12 engine is a re-engineered engine of the m137 . Cilinder capacity was lowered from 5.78 to 5517cc
to get thicker cilinderwall and a more rigid engine.
This was the first gen that that had a bi-turbo setup  the boost pressure was around 13/14 psi or 1 bar

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There was also a 65 AMG that had a little bigger bore and longer stroke in total 5980cc
power was 621hp an 1000nm of torque

The R230 had standard ABC suspension that was standard on al models this is hydraulic systems.
every strut has a level sensor. In total 13 sensor that will keep the car as level as possible with 2 drive modes
normal and ABC Sport that will harden up the suspension by a push of the button.
Between 60-160klm the car is lowered by 11mm for better handling and fuel economy

Total weight of the car is 1925KG
With the power delivery the car is capable of acceleration of 4.7sec.
Standard is the car on 18″ wheels with 255 in the front and 285 in the back

In 2012 mercedes is putting AMG in charge of the development of the V12 engine’s
AMG lost the 5.5 and keeps the 65 amg engine as a base so all 600 engine from of 2014
are 5980cc engine that are de-tuned to 530hp and 830nm for the normal models

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