The S124 V8 turbo build

This will be the next project after the 190 V12 build 
I have a S124  or W124 TE station wagon as a daily driver this is a first gen before facelift car a 230 4 cylinder
with 136hp and a 4 speed automatic.  This is my daily driver.  Well it is not used every day.
My plan is to build a M113 V8 5.0 V8 in the car with a 5 speed 722.6 automatic.  And i have some plans for a turbo on this engine 

I bought a donor car fro this project what is also a S124 from 1993 .  Why this car? This is a car with the last model leder interior and air condition.
That are options my car does not have.  It is red and a 7 seater this combination is pretty rare in Europe.  also this car is a facelift model.
So the car will be changed to a facelift model.  at this point i busy getting all the parts in housing for the chassis to change everything ta stronger drivetrain
and rebuild everything to a fresh base.

I think this will be a 2 stage build with first having it running NA V8 and get everything working. and then get the turbo system in place .  So that means it will be remapped 2 times that is how i’m thinking about it at the moment.
Thing like exterior, wheels and color i did not really think about yet.  so this will be determent later in the process.  
But at this moment im only working on this project when i don’t have the 190 v12 around and it does not need my attention.
So this is early in the process but i like to share already some information about this build

Engine: M113.980  5.0 v8 24v
Gearbox: 722.6 e55 amg W210
Diff 2.82 210mm E420 W210